BDZV Conference “Newspaper Digital 2013

Linus Luka Bahun presented the innovative concept of the student magazine mittelpunkt to over 300 leaders and decision-makers from the media and communications industry at the BDZV’s “Newspaper Digital 2013” conference. The Federal Association had previously awarded the magazine for its cross-media publishing approach, which could serve as a blueprint for many publishing houses and media companies.

The focus of the presentation was the question of “real” crossmediality, which means more than simply publishing the same content on different media channels. “As a magazine, we tell stories to our readers,” says Bahun. “We use the form of media collage, which gives us the opportunity to use the different qualities of the different media levels.

Frank Schirrmacher (FAZ), Florian Haller (Serviceplan Group) and Jan Bayer (Axel Springer AG), among others, spoke at the conference, which provides an annual dialogue platform for chief editors, marketing experts, managing directors and media innovators.