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Challenge Accepted: The perfect bus stop sign

When the Rheinbahn presented its new bus stop signs in spring 2016, this led to a public discussion about design. The new signs frustrated passengers because they were difficult to read and complicated. “Is there a magnifying glass for the new signs?” Twitter said. The trade blog Design Diary and numerous newspapers reported.

Bus stop signs are among those design objects that only attract attention when they do not work. We use dozens of sources of information and objects every day without perceiving their design – unless they make life difficult for us.

A bus stop sign that doesn’t work? That sounded like an irresistible challenge for Linus Luka Bahun. In a one-day workshop we developed designs, built prototypes and tested readability and function on our own. Three basic considerations were at the forefront. The signs should…

→ can act as landmarks from a distance,

→ provide relevant service information for passengers at the stop and

→ implicitly and unobtrusively communicate the Rheinbahn brand.

This was compounded by the fact that the Rheinbahn staff responsible had already ordered several hundred aluminium frames for the stop signs. This meant that the size of the information boards could not be adapted to the amount of information they represented. Rather, all signs were the same size.

Based on these thoughts, we developed a content flexible design that can display all relevant information. The hierarchization of information became particularly important, because it quickly became clear in the self-experiment: through good information structuring, we can save passengers time for decisions and save stress when travelling.

Our first suggestion for the redesign of the newly designed signs already shows that good design can facilitate travel on public transport, strengthen brand perception and thus contribute to a positive brand experience.

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Four-eye-talks with music

Published in the Rheinische Post on 10 June 2016 and on RP-Online.

Even 160 years after his death, Robert Schumann is still warmly congratulated in Düsseldorf on his birthday. In fact, the musicians around pianist Severin von Eckardstein gave a "birthday concert" in the Tonhalle. Birthdays are celebrated with friends, and this concert with pieces by Brahms, Prokofieff, Rachmaninoff and Robert Schumann was also marked by friendship. None of them, which was not created under the impression of a close connection between two people and which could be heard by such wonderful performers.

So in 1890 Johannes Brahms decided to stop composing and even announced this to his publisher. A year later, however, he wrote a trio in A minor for a friend, the clarinettist Richard Mühlfeld, whose playing inspired Brahms excessively. With a version for viola, cello and piano, Nimrod Guez, Danjulo Ishizaka and Severin von Eckardstein delighted the audience - they managed a wonderful balance between questioning melancholy and Brahmsian gentleness.

In contrast, the violinists Liza Ferschtman and Franziska Hölscher showed virtuoso expressivity in Prokofieff's Sonata for two violins. What lesson of friendship do they teach? The four-eye-talk, pardon, the eight-string dialogue: Two musicians and two instruments come as close to each other musically as rarely in ups and downs. In the second movement there is already scratched and hammered what it takes. That touches.

Final then Schumann, chamber music of the finest quality: In the four movements of the Piano Quintet in E flat major, everything resonates that form will also define Schumann's musical heirs: the juxtaposition, the togetherness, the interplay of man and music. The musicians create something wonderful here: intimate, profound, but sometimes driving the individual to the extreme.

This evening in the Tonhalle, and especially the piano quintet, is a magnificent conclusion to the Schumann Festival 2016, which attracted around 14,000 visitors this year with touching moments and big names.

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Friends of the Belgian House start the new season

Under the motto “Belgian Jazz in Cologne”, the jazz series of the Friends of the Belgian House e.V. will enter its second season this year. Once again, three evenings will feature renowned artists who have a very special relationship to Belgium and whose music is an ambassador beyond borders and barriers – both musically and geographically.

Also in this season Linus Luka Bahun designed the program as well as digital and printed invitations, which pointed out special events to friends and partners of the club.

To the events.

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„Mozart with Friends“

In spring 2016 the new CD of Nils Mönkemeyer, probably Germany’s most renowned violist, was released by Sony Classical. Mozart with Friends, the title of the album, describes Mönkemeyer’s intimate relationship with the great composer. In 17 tracks, the listener can accompany Nils Mönkemeyer on an approach to the classical composer par excellence and discover the aspects of grief, melancholy and the hope of true friendship in his pieces in overwhelming recordings. With Sabine Mayer (clarinet), Julia Fischer (violin) and William Youn (piano) Mönkemeyer actually plays “with friends” – the result are sound moments that were praised by critics shortly after the CD’s release.
Linus Luka Bahun developed the content concept and realisation of the accompanying booklet for Sony.

A hybrid of interview and author’s text offers a more direct access to the plays. With the original sound perspective of the musician, listeners and readers approach music on a new level; at the same time, textual insertions provide relevant background knowledge and the musical-historical context – without taking the pleasure in the music with too much theoretical superstructure.

To CD on JPC.

Go to the album on Apple Music

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Workshop: How digital outdoor communication works in schools

"We want a beautiful and contemporary website that we can maintain ourselves and that suits our school" - this is how Petra Schöllnershans, headmistress of the Peter Härtling School Wuppertal, described her wishes for the new school website. In two workshops at the school, ideas were collected, topics developed and results presented. At the end of the cooperation between the Peter Härtling School and Linus Luka Bahun, a flexible website presents current school life and offers pupils and teachers a digital platform for external communication.

The new challenges facing schools today have given rise to a variety of topics for teacher workshops. Not only the work with the website system WordPress was trained here: also the possibilities of "external communication at schools" and the educational exploration of the medium website played a role. Particularly the topic of data protection was close to the teachers' college's heart. What is allowed and which forms of presentation are suitable for the presentation of the school were worked out and explained.

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On set with Dominique Horwitz, Anette Maiburg and the Amaryllis Quartet

In her new programme "Erlkönig's Metamorphosis" Anette Maiburg meets the classical song - together with Dominique Horwitz (voice), Stefan Malzew (composition, piano), Wlodzimierz Gula (double bass) and the Amaryllis Quartet. In pieces that include famous works such as Schubert's Erlking or Schumann's moonlit night new perspectives arise on the genre "Lied", which Dominique Horwitz opens up with the means of the actor, speaker and chansonnier.

"Here classical pieces sound new in a different way," says Anette Maiburg. In an interview, she talks about the exciting synergies that have arisen in the collaboration between musicians and actor Horwitz. Erlkönig's Metamorphosis" was celebrated as a highlight not only by classical music fans at the premiere at the International Lower Rhine Music Festival.

Linus Luka Bahun developed the program video for "Erlkönig's Metamorphosis".
Cinematography: Michael Hirsch, Max Zdunek | Editing: Max Zdunek.

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Classica Latina: Video of a musical journey

The passion of Argentina, the temperament of Venezuela, the joie de vivre of Cuba - in her program Classica Latina the flautist, ECHO prizewinner and festival initiator Anette Maiburg misses the South American continent with the tools of music. "We take our audience on a wonderful musical journey," Maiburg explains in conversation. And she is not going on this journey alone: for Classica Latina she performs with virtuoso artists such as Joaquín Clerch (Cuba), Cruz Marin (Venezuela), Guido Schiefen and Amparo Cesar Torres.

For the Classica Latina, which presents the highlights from the renowned Classica series, Linus Luka Bahun conceived and realised the programme trailer.

Recording: Michael Hirsch
Recording Cuba: Ralf Eggen
Hairstyling & Make-Up Artist: Petra Vorsteher
Edit: Max Zdunek

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2015 was an exciting year full of new projects and moving encounters. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends, customers, partners and colleagues in Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin and Moscow for their trusting cooperation and the many shared, successful moments.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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The new standpunkt magazine appears

The new issue of standpunkt magazine will be published in time for autumn 2015. “This issue is something very special for us,” explains editor-in-chief Mark Offermann. “In this issue, we’re going to see Magazine for true values to Magazine for young thinking culture. We look forward to these changes”. In other words: standpunkt breaks new ground – everything remains different.

In the new issue of standpunkt, too, the young editorial team is experimenting with the combination of print and digital and encounters the medium “magazine” from a different angle. In line with the new concept “9 square metres of journalistic exhibition space that inspires thinking”, the authors, editors, designers, photographers and curators of the issue present familiar topics in new contexts and thus offer readers new perspectives and connections. “We want something new and unexpected,” says editor-in-chief Offermann.

Linus Luka Bahun worked with Dorothée Vollmer and Dominik Rau on the conceptual and visual redesign of standpunkt in the Concept & Art Directorate team. “The magazine is changing and we want to communicate and support this visually on all channels,” says Linus Bahun. Together with the redesign of the magazine, the brand image and website of the established editorial were also revised.

About standpunkt
standpunkt – Magazine for young thinking culture was founded in 2012 by Dorothée Vollmer, Mark Offermann and Linus Luka Bahun. As a cross-media magazine, it has received awards from DIE ZEIT, SPIEGEL and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Zeitungsverlger (BDZV), among others.

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