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Pro Bono: Mönchengladbach communicates with refugees in 80 languages

Design and sophisticated communication solutions help companies and organizations to conduct a better customer dialogue. Products and services are optimally placed and the own values are shared consistently and with added value on different media channels.

Just as design, conception and programming good business can strengthen in the context of modern brand communications, the tools and skills of designers also move a lot in social contexts: Together with SKM Rheydt e.V., Linus Luka Bahun developed the communication tool, which enables Mönchengladbach citizens to communicate with refugees from all over the world in over 80 languages.

Since was launched in spring 2015, numerous functions have been added and tips from dedicated users have been taken up. Several hundred visitors a day and weekly records in the number of volunteers who volunteer through the portal: Design moves and changes.

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Spontaneous world premiere at ClubbingClassic

Alice Sara Ott, Francesco Tristano and BrandtBrauerFrick inspire at ClubbingClassic.

When Alice Sara Ott and Francesco Tristano stormed the stage at KUNSTWERK Wickrath on Saturday evening with their interpretations of Ravel's "Bolero" and Stravinsky's "Sacre", the audience lay at their feet.

The audience experienced these two classical pieces up close and downright uncanny physically. And EXPERIENCE here is not to be understood as an empty phrase: in fact it was fascinating to perceive with all the senses how Ott and Tristano communicated on their instruments without words, how they hammered, plucked, held their breath and at times lifted up from their piano stools. Soundscapes, sometimes molecular-fragil, sometimes opulent and bold, were created in the artwork and suddenly questions were raised: how "classical" are Stravinsky and Ravel really? Stravinsky and Ravel at the club? Why not! On an extraordinary evening ClubbingClassic makes it clear: The future of classical music is more diverse than some people think!

When Alice Sara Ott says she likes to play the piano barefoot because she wants to feel good, she hits the nerve of the evening: "People, relax! ClubbingClassic shows that classical music has a future that certainly does not take place on old paths and isolated from the reality of many people's lives. Classical music can try again, play, dare experiments, make new connections and sometimes fail. This is a chance! And who needs verbal drawers when there is music like that of Tristano, Ott and Brandt Brauer Frick that you simply have to experience with all your senses!

ClubbingClassic is a project of the Freunde und Förderer der Musik in Mönchengladbach e.V. (Friends and Sponsors of Music in Mönchengladbach). In the lead team of ClubbingClassic Linus Luka Bahun is active in the areas of communication, design and digital.

→ ClubbingClassic Website
→ To the video

Photos: Max Zdunek

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“Must be newspaper!”

Newspapers and young people – do the two have a common future? Mark Offermann and Linus Luka Bahun asked themselves exactly this question for this year’s BDZV conference “Young Target Group” and can come up with surprising new impulses. The co-founders of standpunkt – Magazine for True Values invited thirty young people between the ages of 17 and 19 to talk to them in detailed interviews about media consumption, everyday life and fields of interest. “We wanted to get very close to our audience’s target group at the conference,” says Linus Luka Bahun, art and creative leader of standpunkt. “That was exciting, because we were able to capture very authentic opinions that were the driving force behind many new ideas and possible processes.


Some of these ideas will be presented by the young media makers at the specialist conference in Berlin. These include a new publishing concept that intelligently combines and networks print, web and social media. “We call it the 7+one concept,” Bahun says. “This is a cross-media publishing concept that reaches young people throughout the week.”

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standpunkt occupies 1st place

In the Young Press Competition standpunkt – Jugendmagazin für wahre Werte took first place. During the Media Festival in Cologne, the NRW State Secretary for Media, Dr. Marc Jan Eumann, presents the young magazine makers with the award, which is presented once a year by Junge Presse Deutschland. Professor Ruediger Goetz, Managing Director Creation at the advertising agency GREY and member of the expert jury, praised the design of the magazine: “Graphically consistent yet lively – looks high-quality in material, design and format”.

Mark Offermann, editor-in-chief: “We could hardly be more proud. The award confirms our work and shows that we are on the right track with standpunkt.”

Linus Luka Bahun, Creative & Art Director: “The award has shown us that it is worth staying brave, trying out new things and breaking new ground”.


In the past standpunkt – Jugendmagazin für wahre Werte was awarded by DER SPIEGEL, DIE ZEIT, Junge Presse Deutschland, the Bundesverband der Deutschen Zeitungsverleger (BDZV) and the Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband.

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Concert introduction to the opening of the season

For the opening of the Master Concert season 2014/2015 Linus Luka Bahun conceived a concert introduction in a new format: In the Balkonsaal of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle he spoke with the award-winning performers Anette Maiburg (flute), Alexandra Cravero (voice) and Emmanuel Ceysson (harp) in a relaxed round of talks before a broad audience about the appeal of chansons, the problems of classical music and the pleasure of making music.

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Das standpunkt Magazin trägt interessante Informationen in unterschiedlichen Medienformaten zusammen und stattet sie mit weiterführenden Informationen aus.

standpoint at the “Young target group” conference

At the conference „Junge Zielgruppe“ of the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV), Linus Luka Bahun presented the publishing concept of standpunkt – Magazin für wahre Werte. The annual conference in Berlin focused on the question of new media formats that newspaper publishers can implement in order to be more present among young target groups. Linus Luka Bahun spoke to editors, advertising experts and marketing experts on behalf of the standpunkt editorial team about relevant content, permanently available information in real time and the value of curating on Web 2.0. Special attention was also paid to the internal work processes of the young magazine editorial team. For example, a high degree of flexibility and the willingness to experiment are central: “We try out new things that we believe can fit in with our magazine. If they prove themselves, we’ll keep them, if they don’t, they’ll be discarded.” In addition, according to Bahun, it is important not to build one-way communication roads, but to facilitate a simple dialogue between authors and readers that will lead to positive real experiences in the long term.

standpunkt was awarded by the BDZV in 2013 for its cross-media approach. Since then, numerous prizes have been awarded, among others for journalistic articles and graphic design.


<BDZV Young Target Group 2014 Slide 2



<BDZV Young Target Group 2014 Slide 1

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BDZV Conference “Newspaper Digital 2013

Linus Luka Bahun presented the innovative concept of the student magazine mittelpunkt to over 300 leaders and decision-makers from the media and communications industry at the BDZV’s “Newspaper Digital 2013” conference. The Federal Association had previously awarded the magazine for its cross-media publishing approach, which could serve as a blueprint for many publishing houses and media companies.

The focus of the presentation was the question of “real” crossmediality, which means more than simply publishing the same content on different media channels. “As a magazine, we tell stories to our readers,” says Bahun. “We use the form of media collage, which gives us the opportunity to use the different qualities of the different media levels.

Frank Schirrmacher (FAZ), Florian Haller (Serviceplan Group) and Jan Bayer (Axel Springer AG), among others, spoke at the conference, which provides an annual dialogue platform for chief editors, marketing experts, managing directors and media innovators.

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In dialogue with politics and business

Panel discussion with Annette Schavan | In November 2012, the MGconnect Foundation invited to a panel discussion on the topic “Transition from school to professional life”. In addition to prominent guests such as Annette Schavan (Federal Minister of Education and Research), Prof. Dr. Hans-Hennig von Grünberg (President of the Lower Rhine University of Applied Sciences) and Rolf Königs (Association of the Rhenish Textile and Clothing Industry), Linus Luka Bahun was also invited to the discussion round. In front of the 300 or so guests who accepted the invitation to the Monforts Villa in Mönchengladbach, he spoke to Susanne Feldges, chairman of MGconnect, about the problems that young people face in their search for a training place and a place to study.

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