Classica Latina: Video of a musical journey

The passion of Argentina, the temperament of Venezuela, the joie de vivre of Cuba - in her program Classica Latina the flautist, ECHO prizewinner and festival initiator Anette Maiburg misses the South American continent with the tools of music. "We take our audience on a wonderful musical journey," Maiburg explains in conversation. And she is not going on this journey alone: for Classica Latina she performs with virtuoso artists such as Joaquín Clerch (Cuba), Cruz Marin (Venezuela), Guido Schiefen and Amparo Cesar Torres.

For the Classica Latina, which presents the highlights from the renowned Classica series, Linus Luka Bahun conceived and realised the programme trailer.

Recording: Michael Hirsch
Recording Cuba: Ralf Eggen
Hairstyling & Make-Up Artist: Petra Vorsteher
Edit: Max Zdunek