„Mozart with Friends“

In spring 2016 the new CD of Nils Mönkemeyer, probably Germany’s most renowned violist, was released by Sony Classical. Mozart with Friends, the title of the album, describes Mönkemeyer’s intimate relationship with the great composer. In 17 tracks, the listener can accompany Nils Mönkemeyer on an approach to the classical composer par excellence and discover the aspects of grief, melancholy and the hope of true friendship in his pieces in overwhelming recordings. With Sabine Mayer (clarinet), Julia Fischer (violin) and William Youn (piano) Mönkemeyer actually plays “with friends” – the result are sound moments that were praised by critics shortly after the CD’s release.
Linus Luka Bahun developed the content concept and realisation of the accompanying booklet for Sony.

A hybrid of interview and author’s text offers a more direct access to the plays. With the original sound perspective of the musician, listeners and readers approach music on a new level; at the same time, textual insertions provide relevant background knowledge and the musical-historical context – without taking the pleasure in the music with too much theoretical superstructure.

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