“Must be newspaper!”

Newspapers and young people – do the two have a common future? Mark Offermann and Linus Luka Bahun asked themselves exactly this question for this year’s BDZV conference “Young Target Group” and can come up with surprising new impulses. The co-founders of standpunkt – Magazine for True Values invited thirty young people between the ages of 17 and 19 to talk to them in detailed interviews about media consumption, everyday life and fields of interest. “We wanted to get very close to our audience’s target group at the conference,” says Linus Luka Bahun, art and creative leader of standpunkt. “That was exciting, because we were able to capture very authentic opinions that were the driving force behind many new ideas and possible processes.


Some of these ideas will be presented by the young media makers at the specialist conference in Berlin. These include a new publishing concept that intelligently combines and networks print, web and social media. “We call it the 7+one concept,” Bahun says. “This is a cross-media publishing concept that reaches young people throughout the week.”