On set with Dominique Horwitz, Anette Maiburg and the Amaryllis Quartet

In her new programme "Erlkönig's Metamorphosis" Anette Maiburg meets the classical song - together with Dominique Horwitz (voice), Stefan Malzew (composition, piano), Wlodzimierz Gula (double bass) and the Amaryllis Quartet. In pieces that include famous works such as Schubert's Erlking or Schumann's moonlit night new perspectives arise on the genre "Lied", which Dominique Horwitz opens up with the means of the actor, speaker and chansonnier.

"Here classical pieces sound new in a different way," says Anette Maiburg. In an interview, she talks about the exciting synergies that have arisen in the collaboration between musicians and actor Horwitz. Erlkönig's Metamorphosis" was celebrated as a highlight not only by classical music fans at the premiere at the International Lower Rhine Music Festival.

Linus Luka Bahun developed the program video for "Erlkönig's Metamorphosis".
Cinematography: Michael Hirsch, Max Zdunek | Editing: Max Zdunek.