Anette Maiburg

Anette Maiburg

Visual identity, website and programme promotion
for the award-winning flutist.

In her programmes and recordings Anette Maiburg deals with countries, people and moods; she is artistic director of the Niederrhein Music Festival and teaches flute master classes. She was awarded the ECHO Klassik for her CD "Classica Cubana".

Linus Luka Bahun was allowed to contribute to the design, realisation and implementation of the new appearance and communication image of the multi-award-winning flutist. As part of the new brand, he developed a digital brand presence and promotional material that shows that classical music is not old and dusty, but inspires and is fun. The focus was on the visualization of sounds and contexts, which can be experienced on different media levels.

New Logo

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Design of new communication material

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Artwork for the new programme

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New digital brand presence

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Folder for the new Classica Latina programme

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