Maison Belge Cologne

Belgisches Haus Cologne

A new appearance for the unique cultural institution in the heart of the city Cologne

The ‘Belgisches Haus’ is situated in the very heart of Cologne, only a few steps away from ‘Neumarkt’. The building constructed in the 1940s hosted the Belgian Consulate for a long time. Since summer 2015 the association ‘Freunde des Belgischen Hauses e.V.’ has endeavoured successfully to maintain the cultural heritage of this renowned and highly esteemed institution. Concerts, panel discussions and exhibitions contribute to cultivate and develop the dialogue between Germany and Belgium. With the support of the Belgian Embassy in Berlin Belgo-German networking events in the fields of art, culture and science are organised in the ‘Belgisches Haus’ on a regular basis.

Linus Luka Bahun designed a visual identity for the association ‘Freunde des Belgischen Hauses e.V.’, which was then implemented across the media. A flexible design code ensures a high level of brand recognition as well as various possibilities to individualise the appearance in various content-related and medial contexts.

Corporate Design für das Belgische Haus in Köln

The association’s digital brand presence has been completely revised and adapted to the new brand appearance. The new digital event calendar that takes reference to the key question: What kind of experience can I expect in the ‘Belgisches Haus’? is the centrepiece of the new website.

The advertising claim ‘im Belgischen Haus’ was also used for an active participant involvement event. With the introduction of the new visual identity, visitors receive cards for each event on which they can note down what they had experienced in the Belgisches Haus. The collected cards represent a fascinating documentation of the many encounters and precious moments the visitors had at ‘Belgisches Haus’.

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