studio linus luka bahun designs competent and effective brand communication. We develop visual identities, design and implement cross medial brand presence and advise companies, organizations and individuals on questions about effective communication.

Markendesign Branding Markenentwicklung Designagent

What we do

Linus Luka Bahun helps individuals, companies and institutions with backgrounds in economy and culture with the development of a brand identity and the translation of this identity into a consistent visual language. A lasting communication solution with substance is the result of a fluid process of analysis, creation, discussion and implementation. Sustained communication solutions with substance can transmit messages and stimulate dialogues. Scientific curiosity, a strategical approach and well-founded knowledge are the basis to create brand values formed by form, colour and typography.

Identity Design

Brands are identities and identities belong to personalities which manifest themselves in brand experiences. They make a service or a product unique, and influence people both emotionally and rationally, intuitively and cognitively. To last, brands must develop a profile, be recognizable and remain able to communicate in their environment. Experimental starting points for thoughts, strategic considerations and an understanding of challenges are essential to create visible communication that works. Good brand design is often a visible made clear approach, which is based on understanding and objective.