We digitally stage the “Krefelder Krähen”

Linus Luka Bahun developed a new website and a new digital ticket shop for the “Krefelder Krähen” (“Krefeld Crows”).

Since 1985 the “Krähen” have been playing amateur cabaret at the highest level. With changing programs, a dedicated team and a select circle of supporters, they have raised more than 350,000 euros since their founding and spent it on charitable and cultural causes. Not only in Krefeld are the “Krähen” a real institution, which stands for the combination of entertainment and good cause.

We support the “Krefelder Krähen” ensemble and the “Krefelder Krähe” cabaret award with digital brand design and web programming – so that the “Krähen” are perfectly staged not only on stage but also on the Internet.