Workshop: How digital outdoor communication works in schools

"We want a beautiful and contemporary website that we can maintain ourselves and that suits our school" - this is how Petra Schöllnershans, headmistress of the Peter Härtling School Wuppertal, described her wishes for the new school website. In two workshops at the school, ideas were collected, topics developed and results presented. At the end of the cooperation between the Peter Härtling School and Linus Luka Bahun, a flexible website presents current school life and offers pupils and teachers a digital platform for external communication.

The new challenges facing schools today have given rise to a variety of topics for teacher workshops. Not only the work with the website system WordPress was trained here: also the possibilities of "external communication at schools" and the educational exploration of the medium website played a role. Particularly the topic of data protection was close to the teachers' college's heart. What is allowed and which forms of presentation are suitable for the presentation of the school were worked out and explained.