Profiling Institut

Profiling Institut

Digital brand communication for seven consulting locations: The 'Profiling Insitut' strengthens its digital pole position.

The 'Profiling Institut' is one of the leading providers for consulting and carrier coaching services in Germany. At seven different locations skilled consulters in the field of psychology support people in finding their right profession and in successfully shaping their carrier.

In spring 2017 Linus Luka Bahun was mandated to substantially revise the institute's digital communication channels. In close cooperation with the management he successfully redefined and enhanced the visual brand identity of the 'Profiling Insitut'.

In workshops we worked out the brand value of the 'Profiling Institut' and translated it into a consistent visual language, which can be recognised anywhere - on your smartphone, on the desktop monitor or in an advertisement.

The innovative design with its modular structure and a plurality of elements offers inexhaustible resources for the design of new brand interfaces in the sense of the pre-defined values.

Moreover, we revise the process of making and appointment for an individual consultation on the website by simplifying this process and making it more intuitive. Such interactions as well as e-mails sent to prospects contribute to a positive brand experience and attract potential long-term customers.